Use this form to sign up to volunteer for River City Comic Expo 2016.  Please do not sign up because you think it will be a fun way to attend the convention for free.  You will be working, either directing people to the right places, checking people for wristbands, covering booths if a guest/artists/vendor needs to leave their booth, helping in the panel areas, running errands for guests, getting panelists to the right areas, lining up cosplayers, etc.  And that doesn't include load in and load out.  There is a lot to do and not a lot of time to shop or attend panels.

The good news is, you will get access to fun activities and swag that most attendees won't have access to.  There is a trade off, but it's a fair one.  You are not required to volunteer all three days.  You can choose to volunteer for one, two, or all three days.  Friday is load in day, it's hard sweaty work punctuated by problem solving on the fly.  Saturday is a show day, it will be the highest attendance day.  If you are great with people and don't mind barely organized chaos, this is the day for you.  Sunday will be lower attendance but more comics intensive and it's also load out after the doors close.  It's less sweaty and heavy since much of the merchandise brought by artists and vendors will have sold.  Load out usually goes much faster than load in.

If you work on Saturday you will receive free admission on Sunday.

Filling out this form does not guarantee a volunteer position.  We will be collecting applications until several weeks before the show when we will finalize the volunteer list and make a schedule based on availability.
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